10 Fun Things You Will Experience on a Walking Food Tour

By Dawnie June 3, 2011

It’s all about the experience, isn’t it?

It’s the combination of so many things when you go on a tour;  whether it be the people,  the scenery, the location, the food,  the tour guide and the lessons learned,  the EXPERIENCE is what it is all about.  Our food tour guides have come up with 10 Fun Things You Will Experience on one of our Walking Food Tours. 


We only are listing our Top 10 Favorites…..but you can keep adding more with your experience.

1.  You will learn about eateries and restaurants you never knew existed or had never tried before.

2.  The silly statue or house you drive by every day but always thought it was “just a house” or “a piece of metal” will be a great piece of history you will take back home with you.

3.  Always wanted to try a “Jimmy Jammer Jalapeno Popper” but were afraid to pay money for it?  You will be sampling right off each of our tasting stop’s menus.  7 tasting locations in all!

4.  Meeting other people and making great connections with those participating in the tour….a new friend is right around the block!

5.  Precious photo op moments of beautiful architecture, scenery, delicious plated food and meeting executive chefs and eatery owners.

6.  Getting your exercise in while eating along the way.  We always make sure we are fully hydrated as well……local wines, beers and smoothies on the go!

7.  The education of particular foods and what compliments those foods……great for all those foodie nuts out there!  Who knows how to make their own sourdough starter?  You will by the end of our tour!

8.  A “hookie” day off work or from household chores……can’t get much better than a day of being outdoors, sampling awesome food (including gourmet desserts) and great company.

9.  Going behind the scenes and being treated like VIP at each location.  Reserved seating and not waiting in lines to eat! Food waiting on you to arrive.

10.  Our trained tour guide’s well rehearsed jokes that will blow your socks off or at least a good chuckle or two!

Come join us for an incredible food tour experience, we know you will be glad you did! Buy Tickets Now