10 Perks 4 Going on a Walking Food Tour

By Dawnie May 19, 2011

Walking food tours are more than just food.  They are more than just walking.  Food tours are beneficial to every single ticket purchaser and here’s the top 10 benefits in case you are considering booking a food tour for your next fun adventure!

1.  You are guided by a trained (and more than likely foodie) who has a passion for sharing inside tips, stories and history along every step of your tour.  You won’t find their knowledge in the guide books!

2.  You have the opportunity to go behind the curtain and see unique restaurants, eateries and shops that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do if you just came in for a bite.  Many times meeting personally with the executive chefs and or owners!

3.  You will be walking off many of the calories you consume.  Most food tours are at least 1.5 miles or more in distance. Eat and exercise all in one package!!

4.  You won’t get lost wandering off the beaten path roads and neighborhoods since your guide is an expert of the area.

5.  As a ticket purchaser, you will be receiving coupons for future deals and savings from the locations you will be stopping by to have tastings at.

6.  No waiting in lines.  Each location is expecting you on the tour.  Your food is ready the moment your group walks in the door!

7.  You won’t be feeling hungry by the end of the tour…….the tour tastings provide enough food for a nice lunch.

8.  You will learn so much about the city you are touring, even if you live there!

9.  You will be meeting people from all over the world on your tour.  It isn’t just locals who go on the food tours.

10.  You will be able to tell your friends all about your food tour experience, something probably many have never experienced before.