5 New Reasons to Wine & Dine in Sacramento!

By Dawnie February 3, 2012

5 New Restaurants Arriving in Sacramento! by Bethany Woy
Sacramento Restaurant Tour (credit: Thinkstock)Due to the precarious economy many local restaurants here in Sacramento have been forced to close their doors. Being someone that enjoys dining out, it can be disheartening to walk around midtown and see all of the empty storefronts and abandoned spaces. This article is dedicated to the new (yay!) restaurants opening in the next year! All I know is- I cannot wait to see the creativity, passion and vision each of restaurants will have. Enjoy and Bon Appetite!

Hook and Ladder Manufacturing Company
1630 S Street, Sacramento, CA 95816
With the closure of Hangar 17 in March of last year, the Quonset hut located on S and 17th has been sitting empty. The once popular Bar and Grill closed suddenly after owners were unable to come up with money for unresolved tax issues. Neighbors and locals alike were saddened by the shutting of the doors and have waited patiently for any news of a new local business.
With the wild popularity of neighborhood bar Golden Bear on 23rd and K, which has flourished for over 7 years, owner Kimio Bazett has decided and announced the opening of his new venture: The Hook and Ladder Manufacturing Company. The name itself pays homage to a historic volunteer fire department in Sacramento (we love anything that connects local history and good food!)

The décor is said to be a mix of a comfortable local feel and an industrial vibe. Bazett says that the feel will be a tribute to Northern California (yay!) similar to the Golden Bear.
As a patron of the Golden Bear, I must say, I cannot wait for the new “grown up” version of my favorite bar and restaurant in Midtown. I believe the owners and employees have made an impact in the restaurant scene and will continue grow with the expansion of the old Hangar 17 building. Golden Bear has an amazing mix of tasty drinks and delicious food and I can only wonder what Hook and Ladder will become. I look forward to seeing the creativity of the space and the originality of the menu and cocktail list. I think this is an amazing this for S street to acquire and Midtown should be ablaze with excitement at the opening of this inventive business owner and staff. Bazett plans to open the new business in February and you can guarantee I will be there opening day.


The Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar
2718 J Street,Sacramento, CA 95816
With the closure of Billy Ngo’s Red Lotus restaurant in September of last year the building on 27th and J has remained empty and residents and neighbors have been waiting patiently for a new fresh face to the block. Well, good news! Ex Shady Lady bartender Matt Nurge and his business partners have made the wonderful decision to re-vamp and open Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar. Highlighting peasant style cuisine with global influence- Red Rabbit opens with a philosophy near and dear to Local Roots Food Tours. Red Rabbit believes in local and seasonal cuisine and cocktails. And that makes us very happy. The other unique thing about Red Rabbit is that employees are important to the core values of the success of the establishment. Every single employee will participate in profit share. Brilliant: happy employees make for a happy restaurant experience. Cocktails will be a very important part of Red Rabbit as well, building drinks from the ground up, ingredients will be local and fresh. Yay! Are you as excited as we are?! Red Rabbit plans on opening its doors February 10th and we cannot wait!

Hawks Restaurant

Hawk’s Restaurant
Potentially at the intersection of Alhambra and Stockton Blvd.
As many loyal followers know, Hawk’s Restaurant is worth the 30+ minute drive from Sacramento to Granite Bay, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a location right here in downtown? Owners Michael Fagnoni and Chef Molly Hawks are in the works of planning an expansion. And for this we have a smile ear to ear. Hawk’s has made an amazing name for itself with its mouthwatering food, inventive drinks and fried chicken Sunday suppers. Hawk’s has gotten some rather flattering publicity with introduction of their Sunday supper menu. People from all around the region are flocking (pun intended) to Hawk’s for the buttermilk fried chicken. Crispy, flavorful, juicy pieces of mouthwatering chicken. Can you say yum? Who wouldn’t want a tasty treat right here in downtown? Please note that not only is the fried chicken amazing. The seasonal menu showcases expertise and knowledge of California cuisine: Braised pork cheeks with mascarpone polenta, dino kale and roasted mushrooms. Pan roasted Petaluma chicken with fingerling potatoes, bacon and savoy spinach and mustard cream sauce. Slow roasted short rib bourguigonne, smoked bacon, carrots, pearl onions and pommes puree. This is no “fried chicken joint” this is a fine dining, mouthwatering experience.
With the expansion of Hawk’s into Sacramento still in the planning stages, both Fagnoni and Hawks are still shopping around for potential investors. They also say that the new restaurant will reflect Hawk’s style of food but in a more casual environment. Perfect for a lunch time establishment sounds great to me! Keep your eyes peeled and ears open to the new Hawk’s Restaurant making its way to Sacramento. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

Coyote Tap House
801 14th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
With the abrupt closure of Brew it Up! Last year, the large space on 14th and H has sat empty for far too long. But good news is on the horizon! A new bar and restaurant featuring Asian cuisine as well as 50-60 beers on tap.,, Sounds like a winner to me! Owners Ken and Ming Le (who own Oshima Sushi and Fugu Lounge in Natomas) are going to be heading up the business venture in the wonderful location. Interest in the location came to the Le brothers soon after the closing of Brew it Up last year. And for the cherry on top: Coyote Tap House will feature a full bar and a space for live entertainment! Yay! Living in Midtown, I find it quite difficult to find a restaurant that features live music as well as delicious food. I’m hoping Coyote Tap House will accomplish these demands. Having been to the Le brothers other establishment in Natomas, it seems like these entrepreneurs grasp what the Midtown crowd is looking for. A fresh, eclectic, chic vibe mixed with good food and great drinks. I cannot wait for this place to open! No word on the exact the date of opening of Coyote Tap House but there are talks of this spring or summer. Perfect time of year for a new restaurant to try!
Republic Eatery in Sactown
Republic featuring Drewski’s Kitchen
908 15th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
WHEE!!!!!!! Can you say excitement? Being someone that has always been drawn to food trucks, what I’m about to say is some of the most wonderful news I’ve had in a while. Drewski’s has had more media attention in the past year than they probably know what to do with. Being interviewed by each media outlet in Sacramento and the surrounding area as well as competing in the Food Network show “The Great Food Truck Race” with Tyler Florence- Drewski’s is getting the recognition they deserve. And then some. Drewski’s is a mobile food truck that rides around town serving their amazing, mouthwatering food and keeps customers informed where the truck will be using Facebook and Twitter. Brilliant. Drewski’s has a simple menu consisting of stunning grilled sandwiches (freshly baked bread) and local produce. My favorite? The Hemi: Slow roasted Carolina pulled pork, mac and cheese, grilled onions, cheddar cheese grilled on French bread. Ah. Maze. Ing. There is no other adjective to describe it. Simply amazing.
My excitement not only stems from the fact Drewski’s food truck even exists- but… They are now opening an actual restaurant. With walls and everything! The Republic Featuring Drewski’s is set to open a week before the Super Bowl (Feb 5) and will be a cross between a sports bar and a food truck. I couldn’t ask for a better combination.
Drewski’s is going to be a perfect addition to the entertainment district (close to Music Circus, Memorial Auditorium and Convention Center!) A cool and different restaurant showcasing amazing food with fun games: skee ball, arcade games and pool.
Want to hear the best part? Meals will run about $10. You can’t beat that. With a stick. The restaurant will include menu items from Drewski’s truck and will showcase an expanded menu. Drewski’s has the brilliant idea that opening a stationary establishment will allow for more room and food storage capabilities.
And don’t worry. Creator and owner Andrew Blaskovich does not have plans to stop running the food trucks as well. Thank goodness. They even have plans to add another truck in the next few months. Not only that. Drewski’s will be offering a Sunday brunch. With Fried Chicken and Waffles. Drool. Who could resist such a place?