5 Reasons to Book Your Group Outing on a Food Tour!

By Dawnie April 24, 2013

5 Reasons For a Culinary Group Tour

1.  Do you have a Family/Class Reunion in the near future?

So, you have your family in town for little Bobby’s graduation and the ceremony lasts 3 hours. And you have 3 more days with your relatives. What are you going to do? You’ve gone bowling, hiking and seen 4 movies. I have a fabulous idea: FOOD TOUR! Walking out in the fresh air, learning about history and (the best of all!) EATING! Nothing brings families closer together than food. Meeting chefs and owners of local restaurants and tasting delicious food is a perfect way to spend the day with the ones your love. Showcasing your hometown (or destination for that matter) is a fabulous way to spark conversation and open up discussions about local food and agriculture. And Uncle Fred can’t complain if you are feeding him right?!

2.  It’s your turn to plan a Girls Day Out?

I cannot tell you how often I stop and look at my day planner and say to myself, “it’s been too long since I’ve seen my girlfriends.” If you are anything like me- work seems to get in the way of everything! Sit down, email your girls and carve out a day to meet up. The rule is— no one can cancel. You won’t be sorry you did this. There is nothing better than getting together with the women that know you best and experiencing the behind the scenes of the culinary world. (cocktail tastings also make life fabulous!) Catching up with your friends, tasting amazingly delicious food and walking around beautiful settings— adds up to being the most perfect of days.  Book Club, Bible Study Group, Red Hat Society, Cooking Club, Travel Club…..bring all your girlfriends and let Local Roots take care of the rest!

3. Are you looking for a unique and not so crazy Bachelorette Party or Wedding Party Activity?

The stress of weddings is hard to describe. The celebration of love is the best feeling on the planet. Hosting your bridesmaids, groomsmen or wedding party is so much fun. Even giving visiting relatives the opportunity to go have a fun day eating, drinking and learning about the wedding couple’s city can be a stress reliever! Local Roots Food Tours have had many opportunities to host fun groups of folks through the streets of Murphys and Sacramento. They are able to make your tour a special, customized day. Wedding trivia about the bride and groom? You got it! Just giving the wedding party something to do while the bride to be takes a deep breath before the big day….the food, wine, and entertainment are all packaged together for a fun day out with a special group.  It truly is so much fun for both the group involved and the guide!


4.  Looking for some bonding time with your family (Spouse, Daughter or Son) but shopping is so yesterday?

Spending time with your spouse and or children is oh so important. One day you are changing diapers and the next thing you know you are at college graduation. Life is so hectic and busy (previously mentioned) and slowing down is really important to us at Local Roots Food Tours. Invite your spouse, daughter(s) or son(s) to come along on a culinary adventure for the day and we guarantee they will be willing to tag along and bond! Who wouldn’t when it is about great food, meeting chefs, learning about cool history facts and just getting outdoors for a leisurely walk! Local Roots Food Tours wants their tour participants to slow down and savor the day….take it all in and make a great memory!  Sounds like some great bonding time to me!  Don’t forget Mothers Day is around the corner, quickly followed with Father’s Day!  Celebrate and bond in one activity together this year!  Gift Certificates are available.

5.  The boss put you in charge of the annual office day out but you are scrambling to impress the team?

I call it the “Work Getaway Day” – aka – team building!  The daily grind of work can get tiresome. We get it. Local Roots Food Tours have had the pleasure of hosting many companies on privately planned group tours. From insurance companies to small businesses, we have provided a great day of fun, food and sunshine for a gamut of folks. We have the opportunity to create a personalized day for your office. From food trivial pursuit to food team games to ‘name that dish’ blind food ‘ tasting challenges, we offer a day outside the office that provides a platform for co-workers to get to know each other a little better. Letting your hair down, eating, drinking and learning could quite possibly be the BEST way to get to know one another! Let Local Roots plan your office party and you can take all the credit from your boss.  Score!

Tour Menu Opportunities:

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