Fat Face’s Gourmet Popsicles landing in Sac, Summer 2011!

By Dawnie March 8, 2011

Fat Face (currently operating in Davis, CA) will be bringing their “outside of the box” gourmet popsicles and raved about sammichs to downtown Sacramento this summer!  Owner, Jaymes originally thought she would start up her own ice cream store until her friend encouraged her to take a different route by buying a popsicle stand bike and selling gourmet popsicles at Davis’s well known Saturday Farmer’s Market…..the rest is being written into a successful entrepreneur story.  Locals in Davis rave about Jaymes’ creations.  Her gourmet popsicles are not your typical “grape”, “cherry” and “orange” flavors.  What sets Fat Face apart from the competition is Jaymes’ creative culinary skills in using fresh, local produce and fruits to create special flavors for the day.  They generally serve six flavors of popisicles at a time — based on what’s fresh, what’s local and what the owner feels like.   Yesterday, their flavors were:

  • Beet Tangerine
  • Brandy Poached Pear
  • Blueberry & Lemon Yogurt
  • Plum, Cinnamon Basil, Green Tea
  • Thai Tea & Sweet Potato
  • Strawberry Basil Lemonade
  • Lime & Avocado

Fat Face pops are handcrafted in small batches.  From raw fruit to a la stick, great attention is made to instensify flavor.  Creations are market-driven with respect to local producers, seasonality and most importantly, whim.
Jaymes expounds upon her experiences as a professional cook and non-professional glutton.  She regularly consults the tastebuds and creative minds of family, friends and customers to keep flavor ideas flowing.

Photo by Scott Squire from the book Edges of Bounty

Jaymes says:  Flavors rotate throughout the year with an average of six flavors offered at one time.  The two most popular flavors are Kaffir Limeade & Avocado and Strawberry Lemonade.  When making a selection, I recommend going with the flavor that speaks to you the most at that moment.  I also encourage you to be adventurous and challenge your palate.  You may be pleasantly surprised!

This summer, Sacramentans won’t have to drive out to Davis to try this for themselves. Fat Face is opening up a location across from the Safeway on 19th and S, on the same block as Sweetwater Restaurant & Bar and Massage Envy.  We can’t wait to go try out these treats…..what a great addition to Sacramento’s food scene!