Independent Coffee Culture in Sacramento

By Dawnie September 29, 2015

Our Local Roots Food Tours guide team LOVE their “Cup of Joe” and always have their radar on Sacramento’s Independent Coffeehouses and the Culture that is Perking throughout our Community.  So many options and venues to saturate one’s palate; whether you are a straight up black coffee drinker, a mocha latte lover or espresso sipper….we have a special coffeehouse for you to fulfill those coffee cravings!

  • Temple Coffee Roasters – 1010 9th Street, Sacramento and 2928 S Street, Sacramento
  • Insight Coffee Roasters – 1615 16th Street, Sacramento and 1014 10th Street, Sacramento
  • Coffeeworks Roasters – 3418 Folsom Blvd, East Sacramento
  • Chocolate Fish – 4749 Folsom Blvd, East Sacramento and 400 P Street, Sacramento
  • Old Soul Co. – 1716 L Street, Sacramento
  • Tiferet Coffeehouse – 3020 H Street, East Sacramento
  • The Mill – 1827 I Street, Midtown, Sacramento
  • Naked Coffee Roasting – 3527 Broadway, Oak Park, Sacramento
  • Pachamama Coffee Co-op – 919 20th Street, Midtown, Sacramento

You might be a wine connoisseur who wants to learn more about the nuances of coffee….what better way than to take your wine knowledge and apply it to the love of coffee!  You will be surprised on how transferable the knowledge of one can apply towards the other!  (courtesy of blogger Paul Gregutt)

Were you aware of the coffee beans three basic regions and what their flavor profile looks like?

The Americas
• Sweet and mild?• Bright and balanced?• Often fruity, with spicy highlights
Africa/Saudi Arabia
• Pungent, wild and spicy?• The most acidic, but least bitter?• Often with fruit notes and moderate sweetness
Pacific Islands
• Big chocolate and cinnamon aromas?• Dark, nutty and smoky?• Thick, often with an almost syrupy texture

We bet you didn’t know these 5 things about coffee….
1.  There are about 100 different strains of coffee, but we only drink two. Robusta is the easier-to-grow, more bitter and caffeine-packed bean and is often used in cheap commercial brands. The milder and more complex Arabica is the go-to choice for gourmet coffees.

2.  It’s a Super Food The long list of anti-oxidants in coffee may help guard against some cancers, cardiovascular disease, gout, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s, according to recent studies.

3.  Terroir Matters Like wine, a coffee’s flavor is greatly affected by soil, altitude and climate.

4.  Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Yes, the flavors are bolder, with higher tannin levels, but these coffees can show some bright red?and black fruit flavors on the mid-palate.

5.  Acid Trip Coffees with high acidity, like those from Ethiopia, will often show nuanced citrus flavors.

The Wine Coffee Connection
Your wine palate is a terrific guide when choosing the right coffee style. Just remember, the two rarely mix well.
You Love: Off-dry Riesling ?Coffee You Ought To Drink: Ethiopian?Scents of white flowers and citrusy, tangerine flavors are important to both the wines and the coffees.
You Love: Chardonnay? Coffee You Ought To Drink: Arabian Mocha-Java?Chardonnay’s apple and pear flavors, along with accents of lightly roasted, buttered nuts, are paralleled by the spicy, buttery flavors of these aromatic blends.
You Love: Pinot Noir? Coffee You Ought To Drink: Central American?Red fruits and bright acidity are in play in many fine Pinots, and the floral highlights and light chocolate notes in Costa Rican and Panamanian coffees offer similar elegance and definition.
You Love: Merlot ?Coffee You Ought To Drink: Central American?The straightforward nature of these plush, fruity wines is matched by these crisp, citrusy coffees.
You Love: Syrah? Coffee You Ought To Drink: Dark Italian Roast?A classic espresso roast has the dark, smoky richness, along with a compelling earthiness, that matches similar strengths in your favorite Syrah.
You Love: Cabernet Sauvignon ?Coffee You Ought To Drink: Indonesian?Cabernet, the quintessential steakhouse wine, has thick, chewy tannins. Dark-roasted coffees from Indonesia have the same syrupy depth, with flavors of bittersweet chocolate.