Northern California Walking Food Tours

By Dawnie July 5, 2012

Eat. Walk. Talk.  Can you repeat after me?  Eat. Walk. Talk.

Exploring your palate while learning history, culture and meeting chefs and artisan shop owners all in a 3 hour foodie adventure is becoming the tour attraction to be on in Northern California.  Trends come and go with food but the following walking food tours are blossoming with hungry tour participants being led in every direction to great food, great fun and great friends.  Walking food tours take participants behind the scenes and into hidden gem restaurants and shops that offer tastings to temp your taste buds.

Top 8 Northern California Food Tours:

1.  Local Roots Food Tours – Sacramento, California

Local Roots Food Tours is Sacramento’s only food touring company which offers 5 different types of walking food and cultural tours as well as farm tours in and around Sacramento, California.  Voted #1 Tour in Sacramento in 2011-2012!; 1-800-407-8918  Tours offered Tuesdays thru Saturdays –  Tours run year round.

2.  Gourmet Walks – San Franciso, CA

Gourmet walks takes individuals on 4 different types of culinary tour routes; one being offered in Napa Valley, CA.  Chocolate tour?  You bet!  Sneek inside the world of Japan World in San Fran and see what you have been missing!

3.  Santa Cruz & Capitola Food Tours – Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz is a mecca for foodies….great mom and pop venues along with some great beer!  Fun city, fun people and lots of recreation..what more could you ask for except a tour around town eating, walking and talking!  Traveling beyond Santa Cruz, one must visit Capitola down the road and share in some excellent cuisine.  Voted #1 Tour in Santa Cruz.

4.  Melting Pot Food Tours – Pasadena, CA

Nothing says food better than restaurants who share their passion with others in creative menus and special offers.  Pasadena’s downtown area is a local hang out with an excellent selection of food and shops.  Join this food touring company as they explore local farmer’s markets and beyond in Pasadena and the upper LA Basin.

5.  Carmel Food Tours – Carmel, CA

You hear the name, Carmel and you know it is going to be good and fashionable with the utmost freshest ingredients.  Exploring this beautiful town and learning more about its food scene and local agriculture is a must.  Be prepared to be impressed. Brand new food touring company ready to pave the path to deliciousness!

6.  Central Coast Food Tours – San Luis Obispo

Great college town with a vibe of its own being.  No chain restaurants allowed in town with city ordinance…..only great food found on this walking food tour!  Food touring company offers another food tour in Paso Robles…..beautiful wine country.  Check it out!

7.  Foodie Adventures – San Francisco, CA

Get ready to be entertained, impressed and star struck when Food Network’s Chris Milano takes you behind the scenes of some of the Bay area’s best known eateries and shops.  Explore the back streets and hills of the beautiful area all while learning about what a chef looks for in restaurants and other chef’s cooking.  Half day tours with lots of food and fun!

8.  Six Taste Food Tours – Los Angeles, CA

Who knows LA like the back of their foodie fingers?  This food touring company offers a large arraignment of food touring options in such a large foodie culture.  Exploring Chinatown and beyond is an experience you don’t want to miss.  You could go on a different food tour every single day for 6 days and still not be bored with your trip!