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By Dawnie August 24, 2011

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Come tour the capitol area’s best restaurants and specialty food stores with us, along with the chefs, architecture, and history that make Sacramento Tours an exciting culinary destination. We offer authentic tasting and cultural experiences in Sacramento’s intriguing downtown and beautiful urban neighborhoods. Tantalize your tastebuds on a 3-hour guided tour through Sacramento’s historic (and delicious!) tree-lined streets (90% of our tour is in shade with air conditioned stops).

Taste. Learn. Explore. Connect.

Sacramento Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tours


Local Roots Food Tours

Culinary Meets Cultural – One ‘Mmmmm’ at a Time
New to the area, or a Sacramento native? Both will enjoy sampling a multitude of mouth-watering dishes prepared specially for you on our Sacramento Tour ($58 – fulfilling lunch) – yes, it is literally quite a mouthful! Suitable for all ages, this tour emphasizes locally-grown, fresh ingredients used by our talented artisans. You’ll go behind the scenes, meet the chefs, and talk to the proprietors, all while getting a glimpse of Sacramento’s rich history. Yes, you’ll walk a bit, but you won’t need jogging shoes – we’re in savor mode here (the technical term is ‘Critical Gastronomical Research’!) Sacramento Food Tours Bistro Panini imageFood tours are a fabulous way to sample great food with family, friends, and other foodies! Don’t know if you’re a foodie? No worries, you can focus on snagging that extra sample while our guide explains what ‘extra virgin’ really means (there’s no quiz at the end). Budget-minded? You’ll get the inside story on some of the best food deals in town (those even the locals don’t know about!) as you happily chomp along. A full stomach, and an enlightened mind – what better payoff could there be?