Sacramento’s Dog-Friendly Eateries!

By Dawnie August 24, 2011

Dog-Gone Good Time at Sacramento Eateries

Blog by Bethany Heckman

We all love our dogs and hate to leave them at home alone while we are out eating and having a good time. Many Sacramento restaurants are now accommodating dogs on their outdoor patios! Bring along your pooch to your next lunch date or dinner, and an even better idea: walk there! You’ll get the workout and they will love you for it!

Ambrosia Cafe

1030 K St
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 444-8129

Ambrosia, meaning, “food of the gods,” is always sure to please. Located conveniently on pedestrian K Street this lovely café boasts out of this world desserts, but also serves a delicious light lunch (with screamin’ delicious paninis!) Their Slow Roasted Eggplant sandwich is absolutely delicious: eggplant, thick hunks of feta cheese, hummus and roasted tomatoes served on grilled herb focaccia bread. Yum. Your dog will be begging to have you drop a bite for him to try. Pair one of their delicious sandwiches with their yummy locally made chai tea and possibly (read: most likely) a dessert. I recommend anything in their dessert case, but if you have to narrow it down, try a blackout cupcake. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. You can’t beat it. Ambrosia has recently opened for a late night dessert menu service, Thursday- Saturday from 7pm- midnight. All I can say is, “Do it!” Your belly with thank you and your dog will love lying at your feet and enjoy people watching on K Street!

Bella Bru

5038 Fair Oaks Blvd
Carmichael, CA 95608
(916) 485-2883

Just up the street from the American River access point, Bella Bru is a hidden gem. With their lovely outdoor patio seating, Bella Bru encourages you to bring your dog along and relax under their large umbrellas and enjoy the sunshine. While here, try one of their Grilled Flatbreads, my favorite, the Roasted chicken: chicken, wild mushrooms, olives, grilled onions, goat cheese all atop a delicious marinara sauce. Or I recommend trying the Polpettini: handmade meatballs, Tuscan white beans, tomato paste and parmesan cheese. Perfect. Bru serves a beautiful dinner menu that showcases their Mediterranean menu with lovely pastas, salads and pizzas. Bella Bru loves dogs so much, the offer a communal water bowl for your little furry friends.  Not only will your dogs mouth be watering over the aromas coming from the kitchen, your mouth will be watering as well.

Magpie Café

1409 R St, Ste 102
Sacramento, CA 95811
(916) 452-7594

Magpie is a hidden gem here in Sacramento. Located on R Street, wedged between Shady Lady Saloon and R15, Magpie’s small outdoor patio is perfect for any lunch with your canine friend. Magpie serves a beautiful breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. My favorite: Lunch. Try the Smoked Trout Sandwich. Not one for the “too fishy” taste, this trout is smoked perfectly. The Del Rio heirloom cherry tomatoes, cilantro, roasted pepper cream cheese are a solid addition to the sandwich and Magpie executes this dish magnificently. I always add their black rice dish for $2 extra and it’s so worth it. Magpie offers a happy hour Monday-Friday from 3pm-6pm that boasts  $4 bites, $wines and $3 beers. Can’t beat those prices.  Your dog will be on it’s best behavior just for a nibble of your dish.


1730 L St
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 444-1100

Are you ever walking the streets of Sacramento, trying to be a good dog owner and a place catches your eye? Crepeville was this place for me. I pass it each day walking my furry baby and had always wanted to try it. Seeing their large outdoor area, I figured they wouldn’t mind my pup joining my dining experience. I was right. Feeling like having a sweet (this feeling comes over me several times a day) I tried the Honey-Lemon Blintz: Ricotta cheese mixed with honey and lemon topped with apple sauce and sour cream. OMG. Delicious. The next day I walked by yet again and figured I would try another delicacy. This time I tried a savory crepe, the Hawaiian: cheddar cheese, pineapple, ham, onions, soy sauce and brown sugar. OMGGGGG. Amazing. The wonderful thing about Crepeville is their “design your own crepe” menu offering over 20 items to choose from. Because of Crepeville, I now look forward to going on my daily walk with my pup.

Streets of London Pub

1804 J St
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 498-1388

I have to say that there is nothing better than pub food. With its comfort qualities, Streets of London showcases great, warm, tasty and fabulous dishes. I have been to the real streets of London several times and I have to say their fish and chips are quite comparable.  I have tried to order many different dishes each time I stop here, but the fish and chips always call me back. They are battered and fried perfectly golden brown and they always have the perfect amount of malt vinegar for me to add.  My husband (and of  course dog, Lily) and I go to Streets quite often and we love the outdoor seating and perfect place on J Street to people watch. My husband has ordered Bangers and Mash (and after begging I always get a bite or two) and said that it is absolutely delicious.  We always make sure to get the bell pepper and sausage soup as well. A REAL tribute to an English dining experience!