SactoMoFo – Food Truck Festival Hits Sac April 30!

By Dawnie March 2, 2011

What would New York be without its hot dog carts and roasted chestnuts? What would San Francisco be without its taco trucks and escargot puff lollipops? And what kind of a food city is Sacramento without food trucks? Hopefully we won’t have to find out if the folks behind Sacto MoFo have their way.

The plight that Sacramento mobile food vendors currently face is a city ordinance requiring them to move every thirty minutes. As organizer Paul Somerhausen says, “Anyone who heats up food takes fifteen to twenty minutes to set up and then has only five minutes to sell before they have to move. It’s not conducive to a good business environment. We’re hoping to come to a common-sense solution where Sacramento can continue to expand its great food choices.”

The event, to be held April 30 at Fremont Park (16th and Q Streets), will run from noon to 6 p.m. There will be a wide variety of mobile food vendors on hand, including Chocolate Fish coffee, Chairman Bao dim sum, The Mini Burger Truck, The Red Truck, and Seoul on Wheels. You can view the whole list at the Sacto MoFo Web site. Free bike valet parking from SABA will be available as well.

The point of all this is to showcase for the public and the city council that mobile food vending can provide business opportunities, help revitalize empty lots, and generate excitement in the community. Despite claims that food vendors have increased noise, trash, and competition with existing restaurants, Sacto MoFo contends that if regulated sensibly, mobile vendors should be an asset to the city.

It’s a 100% volunteer-driven effort, and they’re still looking for sponsors. The MoFo folks are also working closely with the California Restaurant Association and have gotten a lot of positive feedback from local restaurateurs. So mobilize yourself on over to Fremont Park on April 30th and enjoy a (most likely) beautiful day eating delicious take-away al fresco! Local Roots Food Tours will be offering a special City of Trees Food Tour on April 30th in combination of stopping over at this local food festival in Fremont Park.    Keep checking back on our website for more fun details and ticket pricing in the upcoming weeks.