Local Fruits

Local Farmers Markets Prepping for Spring/Summer Sales

It’s that time of the year again….local farmers and artisan specialty vendors getting ramped up for the launch of their produce and… Read More

Market-to-Plate Executive Chefs Tour Launches in Sacramento!

Come join Local Roots Food Tours as we get up close and personal with local farmers, vintners, and executive chefs in our new Market-To-Plate Executive Chef’s Tour! This tour takes you through a popular downtown Sacramento farmer’s market, Cesar Plaza Farmer’s Market or East End Capitol Park Farmer’s Market and then into a four course, four star dining experience prepared by two local executive chefs! This tour is a culinary and educational adventure. Participants are guided through an open-air market, where you can chat with the farmers and producers as the aroma of herbs and flowers waft around you. You’ll learn about what’s in season and how to choose and prepare foods from their seasonal harvest. We will meet local olive oil producers, lavender and flower producers, meat producers, and other artisans – in short, people who love to work with and talk about food! A shopping experience like no other! Our tour continues with a 3 course exclusive lunch prepared by Executive Chef Michel at Morgan’s Restaurant (a four star, hidden gem restaurant serving farm-to-table ingredients). Lunch will be prepared using fresh local seasonal ingredients. Chef Michel will educate participants on how to use the produce they purchased at the morning market and share his culinary wisdom and passion for fresh, local ingredients. Definitely an up close dining experience! Lunch will be paired with a selected local wine. Click to learn more!

Spice Zee, Cherums and Plerries…Hybrid Fruit in California

You ask, what's a plerrie anyway?  Or you could ask; "What do you get when you cross a plum with a cherry? A hybrid fruit of course! Hybrid fruit is a potentially lucrative, and delicious, market. Fruit growers are motivated by the lure of inventing a product that commands premium prices, from 50 cents to $1 or more per pound than conventional fruit. The breeders are also aiming for fruit that will have a longer harvest period to be available to shoppers longer. And with the rise in cooking styles that celebrate the ingredients, American consumers are demonstrating a willingness to spend more on food and a desire to hear the stories behind their produce. Click to read more

Apricot and Lavender Chutney

Apricot and Lavender together…..who would have thought!! APRICOT and LAVENDER CHUTNEY 2… Read More

Fresh Berries Make Delicious Fruit Syrups

There are some delicious berries and melons at the markets and stores right now…think outside of your recipe file and try these delicious fruit syrups. … Read More

Who’s Going for the Cherry Bing?

Just when we’ve had our fill of citrus and the apple bin is beginning to bottom out, the most wonderful event happens. Read More

Strawberry, Rhubarb and Caramelized Onion Sauce

Onions, salt and pepper with fruit? You bet! The salt and pepper intensify the good flavor of the ripe fruits. The… Read More

Community Volunteers Rally at Harvest Sacramento

Harvest Sacramento harvests unwanted fruit from neighborhood trees for donation to local food banks. This project of… Read More

Spring Family Fun at California Nut Festival!

The mission of the California Nut Festival is to help consumers connect with local farmers and learn about the locally… Read More

Greek Yogurt is the New “IT”

The yogurt industry has experienced a bit of a Renaissance and there’s one main reason for that: Greek yogurt. According to… Read More