Valentines Day Chocolates

Explore The He(Art) of Chocolate!

Local Roots Food Tours Takes Your Palate on a Chocolate Tour! by Bethany Woy Chocolate is not what it used to be to a foodie. No more Hersey’s bar or Nestle treat. Chocolate has become a science. A sought after delicacy that is becoming all the rave. Instead of wine tastings, people are now hosting chocolate tasting parties. Buckle up, hold on and be prepared to get a little drunk with cocoa euphoria! Our 1st chocolate stop will be at a local Sacramento Chocolate Shop: Ginger Elizabeth 1801 L Street- Suite 60, Sacramento, CA 95811 (916) 706-1738 Ginger Elizabeth is a well-known dessert spot here in Sacramento. However, many people do not know realize the experience and accomplishment Ginger Elizabeth herself has achieved in her short life. Ginger has been a chocolatier and pastry chef who has been working with chocolate professionally for over 10 years. She studied pastry arts at the Culinary Institute of America in New York and graduated with honors. After graduation she began her work with world famous pastry chef En-Ming Hsu in Chicago. After moving back to California she honed her skills and began her own business and created her own retail store in Midtown Sacramento. Click to continue reading!