Top 5 Ice Cream Sandwich Stops in Sacramento

By Dawnie August 2, 2012

It’s hot out there!  Want to quench your palate with one of America’s favorite old-fashion desserts?  Long after the first push cart in New York City where the very first ice cream sandwich vendor would sell you a simple sandwich consisting of two chocolate wafers with a vanilla ice cream center was bought for 1 penny….ice cream sandwiches are becoming a staple on dessert menus in the local Sacramento dining scene this summer.  Here is Local Roots Food Tours foodie take on our top 5 must stops to indulge in creative ice cream sandwiches in our culinary city.

1.  Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates  1801 L Street, Sacramento, CA

A chocolate shop that sells homemade macaron ice cream sandwiches is a treat like none-other!  Ginger and her team offer three delicious flavors in their handmade Parisian Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches: Pistachio, Lemon, or Salty Caramel.  The best part of the sandwich is the ice cream in the center of these delicious macarons.  All of their ice creams are hand-crafted in micro-batches using organic milk and local dairy.  Mmm, mmm, good!

If you are like us and ice-cream is a STAPLE during these dog days of summer,  mark your calendars for Ginger Elizabeth’s Ice Cream Socials.   They have a few socials still remaining for the summer time fun:

Saturday, August 11   Featuring: Warm Olallieberry Cobbler spooned over Sweet Cream Frozen Custard topped with Chantilly Cream. Featuring organic Olallieberries hand-picked in the Sierra Nevada Foothills by Ginger and Tom.
Saturday, September 8 Featuring: Saffron Ice Cream, Macerated Farm Peaches and Whipped Raspberry Custard layered between a Cream Puff and dusted with Powdered Sugar.

Saturday, October, 13 Featuring: Pumpkin Ice Cream, Brown Butter Ice Cream, Warm Monkey Bread Pieces, Sticky Raisin Sauce, topped with Crème Fraîche

2.  The Red Rabbit Kitchen 2718 J Street, Sacramento, CA

Who would think inside this cool, mist-driven, eclectic restaurant would be one amazing hand-crafted ice cream sandwich on a dessert menu?  We would!  Depending on what the chef is feeling for the week, The Red Rabbit Kitchen delivers an ice-cream sandwich that will take any lucky rabbit’s foot and make magic happen!  Their sandwiches consist of homemade cookies and luscious hand-sun artisan ice cream……if you were to visit once each week for a month you could really explore your ice-cream fetishes with a variety of flavors.  Best part about their ice-cream sandwiches is they don’t even put the sandwich together until it is ordered on the spot.  Talk about fresh with no freezer burn.  Oh yeah!!

3.  Cafeteria 15 & L   1116 15th Street, Sacramento, CA

When you think of 15 & L you think comfort food don’t you?  Their killer Mac & Cheese, truffle tater tots and meatloaf sandwiches just say,  “mom”.   What we love about 15 & L’s “to go” ordering process is you can pre-order their Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pie Sandwiches in advance and pick them up to take over to Capitol Park for a little “ice cream sandwich in the park” experience.  They even pack forks, spoons and napkins to help you devour this delicious madness.  When they call their sandwich a whoopie pie, they are not kidding.  A monstrous portion of chocolate cake formed into two domes that cover the Gunther Mint Chocolate Ice Cream.  A creation that is simply too good to pass up.

4.  Firestone Public House   1132 16th St, Sacramento, CA

Beer and Ice Cream Sandwiches?  Why not, we say!  Who would have thought after consuming one of the coolest looking bavarian style pretzels we have ever witnessed with housemade cheese pimento sauce (warning: addictive!) along with a pint of a cold local ale just to follow up with a Kona Ice Cream Sandwich would be our experience in the newest public house to hit Sacramento.  Kona beer….nope…..Kona Coffee!  Firestone’s Kona ice cream sandwich is a secret that is hard to keep to one’s self after experiencing the richness of this kahuna of a dessert.  Big is an understatement but you may not want to share one bite after sinking your teeth into its rich creaminess.  Two cookie wafers circumference the amazing kona ice cream makes you want to get up and dance to the great 80’s tunes piping throughout this fun and experiential public house.  We think it is a must……after the pretzel and beer of course!

5.  Masullo  2711 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento

Locals know where to go for the best pizza in town but what many don’t know that inside that pizza box is an ice cream sandwich ready to be discovered!  Oatmeal cookie with currants, crisp and buttery rich encasing a mound full of ice cream from the well known ice cream haute – Vic’s.  Goodness gracious great balls of love.  You walk away feeling like you could repeat the process again and again all in the same week.