Top Ten 2012 Food Predictions….Foodie Humor!

By Dawnie December 19, 2011

We all make predictions of what is to come.  2012 looks to be a very trendy foodie year and one local blogger; Garrett Snyder ( has shared his
Top 10 Foodie Humorous Predictions for 2012.   Do you agree with any?

Food Prediction #1: 2012 will be marked a stunning resurgence of the pot pie

Food Prediction #2: In 2012 mixologists will begin illegally distilling their own spirits. Several are maimed by a freak still explosion.

Food Prediction #3: LA Chef Ludo finally opens permanent LA restaurant. Reservations are made via a massive game of rock-paper-scissors

Food Prediction #4: Coffee enters a unheard of ‘4th wave’. Beans are now accompanied by a brief biography of each plant they come from.

Food Prediction #5: Chef Ricardo Zarate shockingly retires from cooking after discovering the lucrative profits of Alpaca farming.

Food Prediction #6: Onsite gardens at restaurants are replaced by onsite livestock pens. Chefs become dangerously attached 2 their meat.

Food Prediction #7: Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook complete their scientific quest to successfully deep-fry every known food item.

Food Prediction #8: Homemade dairy products. Churning your own butter will no longer be used solely as a sexual euphemism.

Food Prediction #9: Roy Choi is revealed to be the evil clone of David Chang spawned by a miso fermenting experiment gone horribly wrong.

Food Prediction#10: Secret pop-up dinners will utilize blindfolds, treasure maps, and kidnapping.